Louvers are systems normally associated with large highly exposed glass surfaces.

They are installed as a second exterior skin that is easily integrated into the volumes, giving shape and personality to the building.

The general appearance is that of a glass façade covered by a series of aluminum or PVC slats that protect the interior skin of the building, allowing indirect light to enter from the inside, a perfect vision and adequate heating of the room.

At Gaviota, aware of its great contribution to green building due to its contribution to solar control, energy saving and building insulation, we wanted to expand our range of solar control products by offering a universe of forms and applications.

It is for all this that the specification, application and installation of our louvers will help you apply your project for LEED certification (more information below).

Like the rest of our products, our company has the respective tests and certifications based on USA regulations.

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LEED Certification

LEED Certification

The specification, application and installation of louvers in buildings will help to apply your architectural project to the coveted Leed seal (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). This certification, delivered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), recognizes the standard of energy and environmental performance in a building.

The architectural application of  louvers forming ventilated facades is considered within the Leed certification as an important element that contributes to saving energy consumption for the air conditioning of spaces.

All our models of aluminum louvers are extruded in Spain or Mexico based on the 6063 alloy that is made up of 40% recycled material, this being a value to take into account for those projects that aspire to obtain a LEED certification.